About us

Europa Medica’s members work together across Europe to benefit more than 400,000 healthcare professionals and 2,000 hospitals. They are particularly interested in Professional liability insurance, health insurance and income protection insurance (in case of illness or disability). All Europa Medica members are major players in their own country and have unparalleled expertise in the area of professional and financial services for the medical and paramedical profession.

Goals :

To be a platform of information exchange on products and modes of operation of Europa Medica’s members.

Such as medical liability, Europa Medica :

  • shares information on Risk prevention ;
  • monitors the changes in the European legislation ;
  • debates on all matters of concern to patient care.

In this sector, Europa Medica has undertaken a study on complaints following anaesthetic incidents and is currently pursuing an European-wide laparoscopy study.

The Group is also a discussion forum for exchanging information on everything related to the disability and permanent disability of professionals in the sector.

The Marketing Commission, recently formed within Europa Medica, was set up to share information on market and product developments. To represent and defend the interests of members in the field of medical insurance.

The members of Europa Medica are aware that Mutuality is an important sector for the distribution of insurance products intended for the medical profession. The cooperation between the members guarantees the strengthening and the independence of the mutualist movement. Europa Medica’s aim is to integrate all European mutual insurers specialized in the field of healthcare professions into the Group. To provide assistance to professionals during their installation, or during their travels in various European countries.

The Europa Medica member companies aim to form a network of correspondents offering mutual assistance and advice to all their members.