Formed 160 years ago by the Association Générale des Médecins de France (general association of French doctors – AGMF), Groupe Pasteur Mutualité is a mutual insurance group run by and for members of the medical professions.


Strategy and values

Groupe Pasteur Mutualité is committed to an approach that is centred on responsibility and innovation for all the stakeholders in its environment. Prevention, mutual assistance and the promotion of the health and well-being of healthcare professionals are at the heart of its development. Its goal is to create added value for all members of its community.

Products and services

Coverage hinging on solidarity and innovation: death and disability; healthcare; professional liability; legal protection; professional multiple-risk; joint practice; home; motor; loan; loss of autonomy; pension savings.

Services offered: e-health search application; online appointment management and secretarial services; care-taking services; real-time automated accounting; prevention scheme and personal/smart coaching services, etc.

Villa M: a unique place in the world dedicated to the healthcare of tomorrow

Groupe Pasteur Mutualité is working on a ground-breaking project in the heart of Paris: to create a whole new concept centred on the healthcare of tomorrow across an 8,000 sq. m. space.

From its inauguration in 2020, Villa M will be a place for new initiatives and progress, shared insight and discovery, where all members of the health profession will be able to meet, further their training and discuss the latest innovations in the field of healthcare. And because taking care of one’s health is essential, Villa M will also be a beacon in the field of prevention.

Key figures:

  • 138 000 members
  • 180 000 members of staff
  • 430 collaborateurs
  • €252.2m in turnover
  • €1.7bn in funds under management